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Silk Headband Singapore - BASK™

Silk Headband (Thin) - Pink

Up your hair game with BASK™ Silk headband that is handmade with the finest mulberry silk. Gentle on your head and will not leave hair crease.



36cm circumference length



Pure silk used inside and out - We use only 22 momme pure mulberry silk.

Comfortable to wear - meticulously chosen headband body size (after more than a dozen of trials and errors to find the perfect fit). The good fit also means optimal comfort on your head, not too tight and not painful even after wearing it for long hours

Beautiful folds at the headband -add classy look while providing good grip, stay on your head without slipping off easily

Doesn't leave hair creases - Silky smooth and luxurious silk reduces frictions, doesn't pull your hair while keeping your hair out of your face.

Breathable and lightweight

This silk headband is most suitable for

✔️ Basically anyone who wants to cover their hairline for a long period of time while preventing kinks and creases. 🙌

✔️ Girls who are committed to taking care of their hair.



Color: Pink