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How to Wash Silk Face Mask

If you take good care of your silk mask, they can maintain its durability & last for many years.

How to hand wash a silk mask 

Follow the steps in the video if you prefer to hand wash your silk mask. 👇




How to machine wash your silk mask

Our silk mask is machine washable,  just need to put them in a laundry basket (preferably those laundry basket with wired that hold shape), and use silk detergent. Choose delicate wash cycle and done.


Here's our little tip: If you are lazy to iron the silk mask, just pull them flat slightly while you hang dry. The silk mask will dry with minimal wrinkles and creases.


How to wash silk

In general, these are the do and don't to keep in mind while washing your silk products.


  • Hand wash using cold water ( < 40 Degree Celcius)
  • Use pH neutral detergent or hair shampoo
  • Steam iron on low heat
  • Flat iron with a layer of cloth on top or flat iron on the reverse, to protect the silk fabric
  • Line dry in shade




  • Don't bleach
  • Don't tumble dry
  • Don't use detergent/product with trichloroethylene
  • Don't use fabric softener (you may use white vinegar instead)
  • Don't use washing powder, body soap, dish soap.
  • Don't dry directly under hot sun.



Do note that baby friendly natural detergents (made of natural ingredients) ARE NOT THE SAME AS pH neutral detergent dedicated for silk/wool fabric.

Even though some detergent are made for baby and it is baby friendly. These type of biological and anti-bacterial detergents might contain enzymes that regrettably degrade the structure of both wool and silk fibres, so these detergents should be avoided if there is no indication that they are dedicated for silk/wool products.

Always check with the laundry detergent seller/producer if unsure.




What detergent is safe for your silk mask?

You can use any silk or wool-safe detergents because of their pH-neutral nature. If you don't have it on hand, just use a few tiny drops of your hair shampoo as detergent for your silk products.

Silk is a natural fibre and washing in a solution that’s too acidic or alkaline can cause the silk to harden in a single wash.

We have tried Woolite and The Laundress, and they are great.

Woolite Liquid Detergent HandwashThe Laundress Delicate Wash - Lady



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