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Silk Eye Mask

Silk Eye Mask

Our silk eye masks are designed to seal in moisture, protect your eyes against environmental dry air and soothe your eyes, thanks to the fine, ultra-smooth, breathable, and nourishing pure mulberry silk floss filings inside.

By blocking even the tiny bit of light, BASK™ Silk Eye Mask also ensures you get much-needed uninterrupted sleep.

You will wake up feeling refreshed, renewed, and energized.

Get a matching silk pillowcase too to reap the maximum benefit of beauty sleep every night.

What is the difference between satin and silk eye mask?

The main difference between satin and silk eye masks lies in the materials they are made from and their respective properties.

Silk is a natural protein fiber produced by silkworms, known for its luxurious cooling and soft feel against the skin. Silk has natural properties that can help retain moisture and reduce friction, making it beneficial for both the skin and hair. Additionally, silk is hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Satin, on the other hand, is a weave rather than a type of fabric. It's typically made from synthetic materials like polyester and isn't breathable. Satin sleep masks will tend to keep you warm and sweaty during the night.

Why wear silk eye mask?

Pure silk eye masks are very gentle and breathableprotecting the delicate skin around your eyes. It creates a conducive environment by blocking out light, promoting deeper and more restful sleep. Unlike other fabrics, silk doesn't absorb moisture from the skin, allowing it to stay hydrated and prevent dryness.

Silk eye masks also ensure optimal comfort regardless of the weather. Overall, wearing a silk eye mask not only enhances sleep but also supports skin health, making it a luxurious and practical addition to any bedtime routine.


The long strand silk fiber is not easily broken as compared to short silk fiber.

Hence, silk eye mask with long stand silk fillings will maintain its shape for a long time.

Fluffy & comfortable. Breathable. Hypoallergenic.


Impeccably shiny and ravishing with our unique sheen. 

Exceptionally smooth. Non-grainy looking, unlike others.

Not easily snagged.


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified - Product class I.

Safe for babies.

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