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Corporate Gifts - BASK™

Corporate Gifts

Stand out with bespoke, sustainable gifts for your important VIP clients, star employees & corporate events.

Why you should care about corporate gifting in 2023?


Now, more than ever is a time to be connected. Whether they're meant to be work-from-home gifts, gifts for corporate executives, middle managers or staff, corporate gifting is a means to keep employees engaged and recognise them for a job well done.


In an age where business gatherings turned digital, a gift box for your valued participants can add a touch of reality to what would otherwise be a virtual, impersonal event. Similarly, when customer interactions were kept at a distance, a thoughtful gift can bridge the gap and win a client’s loyalty.

Why Choose BASK™ Corporate Gifts?

Highly Personalized

Personalized the products with your brand logo, your packaging and even your chosen colour to suit the corporate image or event requirements.

Furthermore, corporate gifts that are curated to the interests of the recipient will show that you care and make them feel valued.

Sustainable Gifting

Sustainable gifting says a lot about your company values.

Let your gift showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility through sustainable corporate gift ideas.

Customized Gift Sets

Curate your own assortment of products that are highly tailored to the interests of the recipient.

Low MOQ and Quick Turnaround

With our low minimum order quantity and quick turnaround time, we can work with you in terms of your budget and deadline considerations.

Talk to us about your requirements today.

Why Personalized Gifts are simply the best?

Recent research shown that people perceive personalized gifts as having more value than their non-personalized counterparts. A research done by Deloitte  this year also found that 1-in-3 consumers want the ability to personalize their products.

If you are not already giving out customized corporate gifts, you are missing out a massive opportunity to connect with your important customers. Be the one who go extra miles to personalize your gifts to your customers and outshine your competitors. This is a huge revenue channel that many organisations are missing out at the moment. Take the first step to win your customer's heart now.

We make corporate gifting effortless

To make your corporate gifts as meaningful and unique as possible, tell us your requirements. Let's discuss your needs and preferences so we can make better recommendations.

Who are you gifting to?Think about their interests, hobbies, and other fun facts you might know about them to help you pick suitable gifts.

What is your budget per person?Whether you're planning for the holidays or looking for corporate team building gifts, we'll help you work with the budget you have.

How many persons will be receiving gifts?We’ll want to ensure that we provide the most affordable rate to give you the best value.

Do you require customisation?To make your gifts extra special, you can opt for special designs on labels, custom bundles or packaging, or even a specially-developed custom product or custom colour for your brand.

Want to know more about BASK™ silk products and the corporate gifting ideas we have to offer?

From employee care packages, work-from-home care packages, to corporate bulk order or event gifting, BASK™ has something to offer, at an exclusive rates.

Let's connect to talk about your corporate gifting requirements.

Tell us what you have in mind so we can work according to your budget and deadline, make product recommendations, or schedule a discussion to plan it with you.

Fill out the contact form below. Or reach us directly through these channels:


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