Why BASK™ ?
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Why BASK™ ?

Now that you understand the silk pillowcase benefits and the benefits of using silk scrunchies/silk hair ties for your hair.

You might wonder why do you want to buy your mulberry silk products from BASK?

Let us tell you what differentiate us from all the players out there. 💕




the material

1. Incredibly smooth, shiny and durable pure mulberry silk fabric

Incredibly soft

Imagine fluid buttery feel on your facial skin and hand when you touch it.

Impeccably shiny with our unique sheen

Sits nicely and on point in your bedroom, on your wrist, on your hair...

Exceptionally smooth. 

Non-grainy looking, unlike others

Not easily snagged

Our unique charmeuse weave  + 6A long strand raw silk that makes the silk fabric not easily snagged by fingernails,  unlike other flimsy silk fabric.

A comparison between BASK™ Pearl White Silk Pillowcase and silk pillowcase fabric from other brands.

As you can see, BASK™ silk is non-grainy, has incredibly smooth fabric surface and it also features unique luxurious sheen even under normal lighting.

the colour

2. Unique luxurious look and hue that complement your bedroom and your style like no others

Check out our current colour swatches 💋 , we've taken great pains to test and develop gorgeous hues that will blow your mind.

the design

3. Timeless, classic, luxurious looking

For all our silk scrunchies and silk hair ties, a very generous amount of BASK™ silk fabric is used to create plenty of gorgeous folds in such a small hair ties

the workmanship

4. Built to last

  • Handmade
  • exquisite stitching
  • meticulous attention to details

All our products are developed in coordination with one of the largest and longest running silk producing enterprise in the world. They take great pride in the quality of the silk they produce.

A close up on the craftsmanship for our world-class black silk pillowcase

the quality

5. Durable Elastane

We use specially developed elastane that is highly elastic and highly durable to ensure it provides just the right amount of hold without being too tight or too loose.

The results: our silk scrunchies and silk hair ties are

✔️ comfortable to wear

✔️ hold the hair well without slipping down

✔️ doesn't stretch out or elongate easily

✔️ suitable for all hair types - be it thin or thick hair, straight or wavy hair, extra long or medium length hair

A close up on our navy silk hair ties. Could you spot the sewing edge at the connection? 

easy to care

6. Machine washable

No more hand-washing or dry clean only.

Our Certifications

GOTS Certified - Organic

responsibly sourced

Certified 6A GRADE

6A Grade mulberry silk has longer silk fibre.

This makes the silk fabric much more luxurious looking, shiny and durable

OEKO-TEX® Certified - Product Class 1

chemical free, suitable for babies. | Scan OEKO-TEX QR code to verify.