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June 05, 2020 2 min read

If you haven't tried sleeping on a mulberry silk pillowcase so far, you're in for a surprise.

It's time to throw away your cotton pillow covers and start shopping for a pure mulberry silk pillowcase.

These are the 5 main reasons why you should upgrade your pillowcase, for the benefits of your hair, skin and more 🤗👇 



Silk Pillowcase Benefits #01 


According to hairstylists and dermatologists, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a long time beauty secret used by celebrities and supermodels to maintain their youthful looks.


Silk pillowcase for your skin

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help to minimise frictions, allowing the delicate skin to glide along with the pillow.

It also reduces extra pressure, stretching and tugging on your delicate facial skin, especially those fragile skin near the eyes.

Due to the less absorbent nature of silk pillowcase compared to other synthetic made pillowcases, you can rest assured that your expensive skincare and hair products can stay where they belong, on your face and hair.

This can significantly help in keeping your skin moisture, all night.

5 reasons to switch to a silk pillowcase



Silk Pillowcase Benefits #02

The secret for lesser sleep-creases on your face

Ever woken up with a sleep crease?

As skin ages, it loses its elasticity. Sleep creases caused by frictions and pressure on your delicate facial skin can become even more pronounced and longer-lasting when you age.

These sleep creases will eventually form deep lines and wrinkles.

Indulge yourself with a silk pillowcase that helps to minimize unwanted friction and pressure, and hence the annoying wrinkles.



Silk Pillowcase Benefits #03

For sleeping better than ever

Silk is cooling and breathable in nature. 

Thus, it promotes comfortable good night's sleep and enhances your sleep quality significantly, even under a hot weather like Singapore.

silk pillowcase for acne skin for better sleep



Silk Pillowcase Benefits #04

Less hair breakage

The widely available cotton pillowcase can cause hair to pull and tangle throughout the night, leading to messy and tagging hair in the morning and potentially damaging your hair texture.


Silk Pillowcase for Hair

A hair-friendly silk pillowcase is here to preserve your expensive blow out you have done earlier.

Its anti-static nature also helps to prevent hair loss, hair frizz and split ends.



Silk Pillowcase Benefits #05

Soothe your problem skin

Silk is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant. Thus, it helps relieve your skin irritation, acne and eczema.


Silk Pillowcase for Acne

If you have allergies, you will want to make sure you get a pillowcase that is made of hypoallergenic material like BASK mulberry silk pillowcase, so that you will not experience any irritations or discomfort.

To the acne and eczema sufferers out there, this is the pillowcase you've been waiting for.


So, forget cotton pillowcase, a silk pillowcase is all we want to use now.

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