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Our Story

BASK™ was started (in June 2020) with a single objective: to offer luxurious silk products at a revolutionary price.


Every idea starts with a problem. 

Ours was simple: silk pillowcases are too expensive. We were obsessed with everything made of silk ever since we started sleeping on a silk pillowcase and witness its remarkable benefits on our skin and hair.

But a pure silk pillowcase is so expensive that when we finally found something within our budget, they are usually not made of 100% pure silk. 

We were amazed at how hard it was to find a pure silk pillowcase that didn’t leave our wallets bare.


So, where were the options?

It's turned out there is way to reduce the cost of silk pillowcase if we cut out the middleman, produce our own silk fabric and manufacture our own silk pillowcases.

So, we started BASK to create an alternative.

about bask


Check out a short video clip on our journey and how we get started


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Our approach in providing true beauty luxury

By circumventing traditional channels, designing our mulberry silk products in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, luxurious-looking mulberry silk products at a fraction of the going price.

We believe in providing true beauty luxury that can lift up your mood, make your feel good while nourish and soothe your delicate skin & hair, and also with money left in your pocket.

At BASK, we are committed to only provide the best mulberry silk products that are safe to use. You'll never have to compromise on luxurious look, safety or performance.

#To be the best, you need the best








    Not all mulberry silk is created equal

    We use only Certified Finest 6A Grade, 22 Momme Long Strand Pure Mulberry Silk, perfected with The Most Original Charmeuse Weave and Unique Luxurious Hues using Natural Fabric Dyes.

    Our unique formulas for BASK™ fabric perfected pure mulberry silk with ultimate shine, softness and durability.


    Our BASK™ silk fabric is 

    ✔️  Incredibly soft. Imagine fluid buttery feel on your facial skin and hand when you touch it

    ✔️  Impeccably shiny and ravishing with our unique sheen. Sit just right and on point in your bedroom, on your wrist, on your hair...

    ✔️  Exceptionally smooth. Non-grainy looking, unlike other silk fabric

    ✔️  Our unique weave that makes our silk fabric not easily snagged. For example, our silk fabric is not easily snagged by fingernails,  unlike other flimsy silk fabric, that's mean no more heart ache when you accidentally scratched your pillowcase


    ✔️  0% Chemical, 0% Synthetic Fibers

    ✔️  100% Mulberry Silk, 100% Certified OEKO-TEX® Product Class 1

    ✔️  GOTS certified

    ✔️  ISO certified







    We work directly with the World Leading Silk Manufacturing Enterprise and bypass all the middle agents.

    Direct from Mulberry Farm to you. More Savings, Better Quality Control.