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For all BASK™ silk pillowcases, we use only NON-TOXIC natural dyes which are chemical-free. (OEKO-TEX certified with highest product class 1, read more here)

Our formulas perfected 6A grade 22 momme mulberry silk with unique treatment to ensure our silk products have unique shine, smoothness, softness, and durability.

Experience a luxurious good night's sleep with a BASK™ silk pillowcase that is gentle on your delicate skin and hair.

Silk pillowcase allows your skin to breathe and glide, which reduces pressure on the creased skin and prevents hair from tangling and damaging during your sleep.

A silk pillowcase is also less absorbent, as compared to other synthetic fiber pillowcases.

So, you can rest assured that your expensive skincare and hair products can stay where they belong, on your face and hair. This definitely helps to keep your skin and hair moist.