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Why use silk hair ties?

"Your hair gets damaged mostly during the process when you take out hair ties"



If you lose a few strands of hair every time you take your hair out of a ponytail, 

it's time to consider upgrading your hair ties.

Prolonged use of normal elastic hair ties might damage your hair scalp and cause hair loss in the long run.  😱



Why choose BASK™ silk hair ties?

Silk hair ties that will hold your hair securely without damaging your hair.  🤩


1. Super easy to remove

Silky smooth surface that causes no hair tugging and no hair damage, perfect for those with soft, thin/fine hair and kids too.




2. Super comfortable - not too tight, not too loose

Comfortable to wear as, we use specially imported elastane that is highly elastic and highly durable for just the right amount of hold without being too tight or too loose. 
No more hair headaches from tying hair up high.



A very generous amount of silk fabric is also used to create plenty of gorgeous folds in such a small hair ties. This minimises any kind of frictions to your hair. 



3. Secure Grip

Keep hair in place without causing hair damage. The strong hold is great for  those with thick hair too.




4. Reduce hair creases

Super soft and smooth surface that minimises hair creases and hair dents after tying hair for long hours, and after your gym session.



5. Super durable

Suitable for everyday use and doesn't go out of shape easily.




6. Metal Free

Doesn't snag and hurt your hair.



7. Luxurious looking

Available in many gorgeous and timeless colours, looks great when wearing it on your wrist too



Let your hair breath

It's time to opt for these silk hair ties that don't feel super tight on your hair.

Protect your hair, it is the crown that you never take off.