Silk Sleep Mask - The one product that everyone is buying from BASK™ right now.
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The one product that everyone is buying from BASK™ right now.

The one product that everyone is buying from BASK™ right now.

Are you tossing and turning every night?

Do you work the graveyard shift and have to sleep while the sun is up and the rest of the world enjoys the day?

Are you going on a long trip and in need of some shut-eye while on-the-go?

Are you suffering from eye puffiness and dark circles?

If any of these apply to you, you may be in need of a silk sleep mask.

There're reasons why everyone is obsessed with silk sleep mask from BASK. Here are why BASK silk sleep mask feel so good: 




You can enjoy the much needed uninterrupted beauty sleep

Sleep is essential to our wellbeing. However, our body alerts to light easily. Even the tiniest of light can cause poor sleeping.

BASK™ Silk Sleep Mask blocks out the annoying light so you can enjoy hours of beauty sleep uninterrupted.

With the benefits of total blackout, whether you're at home, in a hotel, or on a plane, now you can massively improve your sleep quality.

It will also help you get to sleep faster and achieve that eight hours of sleep you so long for.

Silk Sleep Mask for better sleep




The secret for luminous eyes

As recommended by Dermatologists and Beauty Experts, a pure silk sleep mask visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, prevents wrinkles, and eliminates eye puffiness.

The natural fiber of silk allows oxygen in while keeping the dry air out. It protects your eyes from the dry air (from the air-conditioner).

Due to the less absorbent nature of silk, you can also rest assured that your expensive eye care products can stay where they belong. This certainly helps in keeping your delicate skin around your eyes moist.

You will wake up feeling energetic and with luminous eyes. 👀




Optimal comfort and cooling sensation on your eyes

Only the finest silk sleep mask offers smooth, soft, luxurious cooling relaxation of the soothing masks offered at the world's top premier spas.

So, it's very comfortable to sleep with BASK™ Silk Sleep Mask on. 

BASK™ Silk Sleep Mask is designed as a pull-on sleeping mask with a headband made of soft elastane wrapped in pure silk.

Hence, expect no clumsy plastic adjuster that causes discomfort while sleeping sideways, 👉  perfect for side sleepers.

Besides, the good stretchability also makes sure you don't feel tight on your eyes!

This silk-wrapped headband is also gentle on your hair and will not leave sleep crease on your hair.

Say no to messy and tagging hair after wearing a sleep mask.

Pure Silk Sleep Mask in Champagne




A true luxurious experience

The finest 22 Momme Long Fibre Mulberry silk is used on both sides of BASK™ Silk Sleep Mask.

Our formulas also perfected pure mulberry silk with unique treatment to ensure our silk products have ultimate shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

So, the sleep mask is very soft to touch and feel great on your eyes.

It's like your second skin. Soft, comfortable, perfect, and almost weightless on your eyes. 

It's just as luxurious as it is effective.




Soothe your eye or skin irritations

Pure silk used inside and out - Only pure silk filler, pure silk internal liners, and silk-covered elastane band are used.

If you have allergies, you will want to make sure you get a sleep mask made of hypoallergenic material like BASK™ Silk Sleep Mask, so that you will not experience any irritations or discomfort.


Try one today, shop your luxurious pure silk sleep mask from BASK





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