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What are sleep wrinkles?

What are sleep wrinkles?

Ever wondered what is the difference between facial expression wrinkles and sleep wrinkles?


Sleep wrinkles/Sleep lines have nothing to do with facial expression. Sleep wrinkles/Sleep lines are formed because of compression when our faces are squashed into the pillow when we are not sleeping on our back.




After sunlight and UV exposure, squashing your face into a pillow for approximately 2,500 hours per year (365days*7hours) is like ironing wrinkles into the skin.


There's another bad news.


While facial expression lines can be easily treated with a BOTOX injection, sleep lines and sleep wrinkles are harder to be treated with BOTOX.


These sleep wrinkles are often vertical lines that can crisscross with facial expression lines and normally persist even after a BOTOX treatment.


The compression with downward pressure exerted by our 3-5kg head AND tissue shift caused by surface friction are part of the main reasons why you wake up with face creases when you sleep on your sides.


Considering that you probably spend more of your time sleeping than you do frowning/squinting, sleep-induced wrinkles could be aging you more than you ever know.


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