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What is momme in silk?

Momme (often abbreviated as "mm") is a unit used to measure the weight and quality of silk fabric, similar to thread count used for other fabrics like cotton.


Momme represents the weight of a piece of silk fabric in pounds per yard, given that the fabric is 45 inches wide. 


Is 16 momme silk good?

So, if you have a piece of silk fabric that measures one yard wide and it weighs 16 pounds, its momme weight would be 16.

16 momme silk is considered medium-weight silk, commonly used for silk blouses, dresses, and linings.


A higher momme weight generally indicates a higher quality and thicker silk fabric.


Is 19 momme silk good?

Higher momme weights tend to have better durability and a more luxurious feel. However, the appropriate momme weight depends on the intended use and personal preference. For clothing and drapery, a momme weight between 16 and 19 is commonly used for a good balance of quality and drape. For silk bedding, a momme weight of 19 or higher is desirable for a more substantial and durable feel.

When purchasing silk products, especially online, you may come across the momme weight mentioned in the product description, allowing you to make an informed choice based on your preferences and needs.


Is 22 momme silk good?

We think silk bedding that is made of 22 momme mulberry silk is the most optimal weight for making silk pillowcases, silk sheets and silk scrunchies for a more substantial and durable feel.



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