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Silk vs Cotton vs Polyester Satin Face Mask

Is cotton lawn good for face masks?

Cotton Face Mask

  • is plant based
  • Cotton plantation uses a lot of pesticides
  • too rough, causes skin irritations
  • mess up facial make up for ladies
  • dehydrate skin
  • fur easily
  • humidity trap inside the mask, causes skin acne



Are satin face masks good for skin?

Polyester Satin Face Mask

  • is a synthetic fiber
  • poor breathability
  • trap heat, hot to wear, not comfortable to wear for long period of time, causes excessive sweating
  • chemical dyes used on fashion mask
  • humidity trap inside the mask, causes acne



Are Silk Face Masks good for skin?

BASK™ Silk Face Mask

  • is a protein based
  • high breathability
  • cooling, soothing to your facial skin - comfortable to wear for long period of time
  • antimicrobial
  • very lightweight, soft and smooth
  • doesn't trap humidity inside the mask - prevent maskne, skin irritations, eczema
  • reduce bad breath occurrence caused by wearing normal face mask
  • no chemical dyes - no skin sensitivity and irritations
  • naturally hypoallergenic
  • ultra moisturising, prevent flaky skin and dry lips
  • dry fast after washing


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