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Oversized Silk Sleep Mask - Black - BASK™

Oversized Silk Sleep Mask - Black

Our signature black silk sleep mask, but we make it bigger. 



3.93” x 8.85”/ 10cm x 22.5cm


22 momme pure silk used inside and out - We use only pure silk filler, pure silk internal liners, and silk-covered elastane band. Hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for people with allergies.

Reinforced edge- it is built for daily use and doesn't go out of shape easily

available in unique luxurious hues -now you can snooze on the go in style
It will change your impression of using a sleep mask 🙌

pull-on design with a headband made of soft elastane wrapped in pure silk - No clumsy plastic adjuster at the sides, perfect for side sleepers.

The good stretchability also means optimal comfort for your eyes 👀

This silk sleep mask is most suitable for

✔️ The movers and shakers who are always on the go. Now you can snooze in style while traveling, keeping you feeling rested and refreshed.

✔️ Light sleepers who want to enhance their sleep quality.

✔️ Those who sleep in a bedroom which doesn't equip with black-out curtains

✔️ Great for those who suffer poor sleep quality because your partner wants to read or watch TV in the bedroom. Now you can keep out the unwanted lights, get to sleep faster, and achieve that eight hours of sleep you so long for.

✔️ Those who are looking for perfect relaxation during yoga or meditation.

✔️ Those who need absolute darkness for the best sleep.


Color: Black

Block out the annoying light

Get to sleep faster, massively improve your sleep quality,and enjoy your beauty sleep uninterrupted

Keep the dry air out

Breathable nature of silk fiber allows oxygen in and keep the dry air from air-conditioner out

Eye Spa Experience

Enjoy the unique smooth + soft + luxurious cooling relaxationon your eyes while you slowly drift off to sleep.


The silk-wrapped headband is gentle on your hair and will not leave ugly dents.