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Silk Headband - Black


Perfect for covering your hairline when you're washing your face or applying makeup. And, as anyone who has spent time blowing out and straightening their hair would agree, you definitely want to be careful not to get the hair at your edges frizzy or wet after all that work.

Feel luxurious and pampered with BASK™ Silk headband that is handmade with the finest mulberry silk. Gentle on hair and will not leave hair crease.



25cm in diameter (before stretching the highly stretchable elastic band)



Pure silk used inside and out - We use only 22 momme pure mulberry silk and imported elastane band. The good stretchability also means optimal comfort and good support for your hair

Beautiful knot at the top of the headband -add classy look while keeping your hair out of your face

This silk headband is most suitable for

✔️ Basically anyone who wants to cover their hairline for a short period of time while preventing kinks and creases. 🙌

✔️ Girls who are committed to taking care of their hair.

✖️  We do not recommend wearing it when out and about. Because the silk headband is too silky smooth and the elastic used is only at the bottom, it might slip off occasionally if you wear it for a long period of time and you might need to adjust it.