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Silk Hair Ties Set of 4 - Pastel - BASK™

Silk Hair Ties Set of 4 - Pastel

Try your hand on our signature silk hair ties set. Gentle on hair scalp and will not cause hair tugging, you will never look back once you switch to silk hair ties.


Silk Hair Ties Set

Bundle of 1 Pink Silk Hair Tie, 1 Champagne Silk Hair Tie, 1 Baby Blue Silk Hair Tie, 1 Mint Green Silk Hair Tie


small size: 1cm width, about 7cm in diameter


22 momme mulberry silk with highly stretchable elastane inside - optimal comfort and good support for your hair

Handsewn - sewing edge is not visible while using





Color: Pastel
Style: 4-piece set

Mix and match to create a stylish look