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September 23, 2020 2 min read

Suffering from MASKne after months of putting on a face mask?

Try silk face mask!



You probably already know this, with the social distancing measure in place, we’ve officially entered mask-wearing era whenever we need to be in public places for the foreseeable future.


Wearing a face covering helps prevent the spread of the COVID-19 by preventing droplets from spraying into the air or fall on surfaces when people talk, cough or sneeze, in addition to following social distancing guidelines, of course.


Silk Face Mask with filter



But given the summer heat, many have found that wearing a face mask for a long period of time outside isn’t so pleasant.


Not only does an extra layer tend to be uncomfortable, but the mix of sweat and abrasive fabric can also cause our skin to break out. Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market that will solve this problem.


For starters, you may try to give silk face mask a shot.


Is silk good for face mask?

Here are the reasons why you should try out the silk face mask.

1. Silk is naturally cooling

Silk is a natural fiber. It allows maximum skin breathability, and hence it doesn't clog the pores the way that other materials do.



Silk Face Mask Covid



2. Silk is hypoallergenic

Secondly, silk is hypoallergenic — so if you have sensitive skin, chances are it’ll probably create the least amount of irritation.

These silk masks could be your ticket to avoiding the mask-ne problem once and for all.

Silk Face Mask UK


3. Silk is soft and smooth

Wearing pure silk face cover can also prevent skin irritations caused by the friction from the rough surface of the typical mask. Silk soft, smooth, and cooling nature can help to bring some comfort especially when you need to stay outdoor for a long period of time.

Is silk good for face mask?



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