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Is silk good for a face mask? Why should you wear a silk face mask?

Is silk good for a face mask? Why should you wear a silk face mask?

As most of us have started to head back to office or work at other workplaces, given the summer heat in Singapore, you might have found that wearing a face mask for a long period of time outside isn’t so pleasant.

Not only does an extra layer tend to be uncomfortable, but there might also be some pimples, redness, rashes, bumpiness and irritations on your skin that are starting to concern you? 

You're not alone.  These are symptoms of Maskne.

But what if there's a way to keep the mask on while maintaining healthier and supple skin. The secret is silk face mask.



Is silk good for a face mask?

Why should you wear a silk face mask?

#1 - cooling & comfortable, reduced occurrences of hand touching the mask area

Silk is good for a face mask because it is naturally cooling. This means less sweat, less oil built up on the skin under your mask that will eventually block your pores. 

Plus, silk fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and antimicrobial. Silk face mask is great at preventing the growth of bacteria on the surface of the fabric, unlike those cotton and polyester made.

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Why should you wear a silk face mask?

#2 - It prevent moisture trapped inside your face mask

Material like cotton absorbs and traps moisture like a sponge.

When you breathe, sweat and when you talk with the mask on, there will be heat and moisture trapped inside your mask and also in your mask fabric.

These are the perfect environment for bacteria growth. If you need to wear your face mask for a long period of time, you’ve got yourself a prime reason for breakouts.



Whereas, mulberry silk face mask is made of naturally cooling and highly breathable fabric. It allows better circulation to prevention heat and moisture build-up on the skin. It allows your skin to breathe.

mulberry silk face masks



Why should you wear a silk face mask?

#3 - It prevent frictions

You might like the fancy pattern of the nylon or polyester made or cotton face masks.

But, do you know that rough surface of these fashion face masks will constantly create frictions on your skin's surface and subsequently break down your skin's barriers.

This make your skin even more sensitive to the material of your mask.

It can also result in redness, rashes, skin flare-ups, along with other types of skin irritation and pimples.



On the other hands, silk face mask is incredibly soft, smooth, and lightweight that doesn't rub against your skin harshly. The less abrasive fabric can also help to bring some comfort especially when you need to stay outdoor for a long period of time.

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Why should you wear a silk face mask?

#4 - No chemical used, less skin irritations

Apart from the frictions that causes the skin sensitivity and allergic, another culprit for skin sensitivity is the chemicals used on the face mask you wear. Some cotton masks might still contain some pesticide residue used to grow the crop and there will also be chemical dyes used in the making of those fashion masks. These chemical might irritate the skin further.


On the other hand, silk face mask is naturally hypoallergenic. Moreover, our BASK™ mulberry silk mask uses only non-toxic natural fabric dyes. This ensures that your delicate facial skin doesn't get in contact with chemical that will causes skin allergic and skin sensitivity.

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Want to get rid of Maskne once and for all and reveal your glass-like skin?

You probably already know this, with the social distancing measure in place, we’ve officially entered mask-wearing era in the public places for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to try out silk face mask, do check out our best-selling silk face mask with filter pocket and nose wire, tested and loved by more than 1000 customers.

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