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What to consider before buying a silk pillowcase (The ultimate guides to buying a silk pillowcase)

What to consider before buying a silk pillowcase (The ultimate guides to buying a silk pillowcase)

Sleeping on a premium silk pillowcase is a sumptuous pleasure.  In addition to the posh look and feel, resting in a soft cloud of luxury silk bestows health and beauty benefits due to this incredible fabric’s low friction surface. 


Not all silk pillowcases is created equal.  It’s important to know what to look for to fully benefit from what the best silk pillowcase can offer.


These are some of the most important things you should consider to ensure you can kick start your unique luxurious silk sleep experience.


  1. Silk Fabric Type - Choose 100% mulberry silk
  2. Silk Weight ( equivalent to cotton's thread count) - Choose 22 momme
  3. Silk Fabric Weave - Choose Charmeuse weave
  4. Quality Construction - Choose neat stitching and deep cuff
  5. OEKO-TEX Certification - Choose 0% chemical and peace of mind
  6. Silk Grade - Choose 6A grade



What is 100% mulberry silk?

Silk fabric is woven from fibers spun by silkworms to make exquisite, lustrous, fabrics.

The best fibers come from well-fed Bombyx mori silkworms nourished exclusively by mulberry tree leaves. Each silkworm produces a pair of ultra-thin fibers often reaching a full kilometer in length. The fibers become entwined by a protein produced by the silkworm, locking in strength and luxury, readying the fibers to become something elegant and beautiful.

The look, feel and durability of mulberry silk fabric are superior to many man-made fabric created to mimic its quality, but far from it.

Mulberry silk is naturally odourless, has excellent breathability and hypoallergenic.

Mulberry silk is very costly to produce. In order for some to achieve extreme low price, many purveyors blend silk with other fiber content to produce silk pillowcases that are not 100 percent silk, resulting in diminished feel, drape, and performance. Others use less expensive short fiber silk, or wild silk, either of which reduce smoothness and durability. 

Prior to purchase, you will need to confirm that the silk fabric content is 100 percent long-strand Mulberry silk of the highest grade, by checking their certifications.



What is momme? What is silk weight?

Silk fibers are thin, strong, and light, so silk fabric is measured by weight as opposed to thread count. The unit of measure used for silk fabric is "momme". The momme number assigned to silk fabrics notes the weight of 100 yards of 45" wide fabric.

While lighter weights of between 8 and 16 are appropriate for clothing, and heavier weights up to 30 are appropriate for draperies and upholstery, the optimum momme weight for luxurious drape, superior performance, and stylish appearance in silk pillowcases and bedding products is 22. This beautiful balance pairs a smooth, almost liquid feel with a durable fabric that can last you through years of luxurious slumber.



What is charmeuse silk? Why is it unique?

Once unwound from the cocoons, the silk fibers are twisted into threads that are then woven on looms into fabric. There are many weaving techniques used by others in weaving silk, the most common and easily accessible type are silk satin.

At BASK™, we use traditional charmeuse silk weaving technique. It involves crossing the top fibers of the weft threads back and forth, across the warp threads reaching the length of the fabric. This style of weave creates a lustrous and reflective finish on its front, which makes for a great contrast with the dull finish of its back. Its unique sheen and lightweight properties make it well-suited for delicate nightwear, robes and of course, bedding.

Here, it is important to note that charmeuse can be woven using a number of materials. However, none of them can match the excellence of 100% mulberry silk charmeuse, which is why it sees exclusive use in BASK™ products.



Quality Construction and Design Details

Clean and quality stitching also contributes to the finest look of silk bedding. The deep cuff is also an important detail in crafting an elegant, high-end silk pillowcases like those offered at BASK™.



What is OEKO-TEX Certification? And why is it important?

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a global testing and accreditation program that successfully sets the standards for the screening of harmful substances in consumer textiles. 

Look for silk pillowcases that are tested and certified by OEKO-TEX to be free from harmful chemicals. All BASK™ silks products are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified and have been tested and guaranteed to be free of all harmful substances, including any toxins and irritants. If you don't see Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 clearly labeled or emphasised in the brand website, the product is not certified to be safe of harmful substances.



What is 6A grade silk?

Like diamond, silk is graded, on an A, B, and C scale. Each letter referencing a different type of silk quality. A being the finest, highest quality silk product and C being the lowest. The Number takes the grading and makes it a step further. For instance you could have 4A, 5A, or 6A. 6A being the highest. Choose a silk product that is graded 6A, it is the highest quality silk that you can buy.


Buying silk pillowcases is an investment in enhancing your sleep quality, beauty, and personal satisfaction.

Make the most of this superb choice by purchasing yours from BASK™ 22 momme silk pillowcases -offering  that are made of 6A grade 100% pure mulberry silk, adored for its exceptional look and feel through its traditional charmeuse weave and quality construction, and OEKO-TEX certified (use only natural eco fabric dyes).




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