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What is charmeuse silk?

What is charmeuse silk?

Charmeuse is a specific type of weave used to create silk fabric rather than a separate type of silk fiber.


The charmeuse weave is characterized by its smooth surface on one side, which has a soft and lustrous sheen, while the other side has a dull finish. This contrast creates a beautiful visual effect when the fabric is used in clothing or accessories. The dull side is typically worn against the skin, providing a comfortable feel.


Charmeuse silk is made from various silk fibers, but the most common and prized type is mulberry silk. The mulberry silk threads are tightly woven in a way that produces the signature smooth and shiny surface. The tight weave gives charmeuse silk its signature drape and luxurious appearance.




Is charmeuse silk real silk?

Charmeuse silk is a luxurious and smooth silk fabric that is known for its sumptuous feel, elegant drape and glossy appearance. It is one of the most popular and sought-after types of silk for making high-end garments, lingerie, accessories and charmeuse silk pillowcase or silk bedding.