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Large Silk Scrunchies Bundle Set - Build your Own - BASK™

Build Your Own - 3.5CM Large Silk Scrunchies (Set of 3)

Build your own large silk scrunchies set to get your hand on the colors you love.

Gentle on hair and will not leave hair crease.



Bundle Set
Customize your own 3-piece LARGE silk scrunchies bundle set 



large size: 3.0-3.5cm width, about 10cm in diameter



Pure silk used inside and out - We use only 22 momme pure mulberry silk and imported elastane band. The good stretchability also means optimal comfort and good support for your hair

Handsewn to make sure the sewing edge is not visible while using- every detail counts when it comes to feeling luxurious

available in unique luxurious hues - you can even wear it on your wrist and it looks equally great

This silk scrunchy is most suitable for

✔️ Basically anyone with long hair 🙌

✔️ Girls who are committed to taking care of their hair.


You will look as gorgeous as your hair.❤️


Color 1: Rose Gold
Color 2: Black
Color 3: Navy