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Silk Hair Ties - Gold - BASK™

Silk Hair Ties - Gold

Made of 100% mulberry silk, BASK™ silk hair ties are comfortable, highly stretchable, and easy to remove without tugging your hair. Our silk hair ties are designed to be gentle on your scalp and will hold your hair securely until you're ready to take them down.

Using only proven and tested premium elastanethese silk hair ties are built for your everyday use  and don't go out of shape easily.

Featuring BASK™ signature unique sheen and perfect diameter (without being too loose), these silk hair ties look equally great on your wrist.

Let your hair scalp breathe, upgrade to silk hair ties today.


small size: 1cm width, about 7cm in diameter


22 momme mulberry silk with highly stretchable elastane inside - optimal comfort and good support for your hair

Handsewn - sewing edge is not visible while using

This silk hair tie is most suitable for

✔️ Basically anyone with long and thick hair 🙌

✔️ Girls who are committed to taking care of their hair.

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Color: Gold
Style: 3-piece set

Mix and match to create a stylish look