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LARGE Silk Scrunchies - Black - BASK™

LARGE Silk Scrunchies - Black

Try BASK™ LARGE Silk Scrunchie today, gentle on hair and will not leave hair creases.



large size: 3.0-3.5cm width, about 10cm in diameter



100% MULBERRY SILK AND HANDSEWN - our silk scrunchies are handmade with the finest mulberry silk and handsewn with a special technique so that the sewing edge is not visible even when you use it

OEKO-TEX® CERTIFIED - Only use Highest 6A Grade Mulberry Silk. Organic. Chemical Free

SILKY SMOOTH - can be easily removed without snagging or tugging your hair

MINIMIZE CREASES AND UGLY DENTS ON YOUR HAIR - offer the right amount of hold to secure your hair in place until you take it down while minimizing hair dents and creases on your straight hair. Perfect for your gym session and great for those with thick hair too

HIGHLY STRETCHABLE - gentle for your scalp, doesn't cause headache when you tie your hair

DOESN'T STRETCH OUT EASILY - we use imported elastane which is very durable and doesn't stretch out or become loose easily

LOOK GREAT ON YOUR WRIST - available in more than 10 unique luxurious hues. These silk scrunchies look equally on your wrist and will come in handy whenever you need to keep your hair out of your face

DURABLE - doesn’t go out of shape easily. Suitable for everyday use 

PERFECT SIZE FOR HIGH BUN HAIRSTYLE - chic and trendy looking

Color: Black