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Silk Turban | Silk Turban for Sleeping | Silk Turban for Hair - BASK™

Silk Bonnet | Silk Hair Wrap (Double-Lined) - Black

BASK™ Silk Hair Wrap is constructed of two layers of hair-friendly mulberry silk, both inner and outer. Featuring a timeless twist designand a silk-covered elastane,our silk hair wrap suits almost all head sizes. 

Silk hair wrap is great for protecting your hair from friction while you toss and turn throughout the night, especially if you don't own a silk pillowcase. You can say no to hair damage, bed heads, tangles, and hair frizzes once and for all.

Silk hair wrap can also improve moisture retention, maintain your curls or blowout, and prevent your hair from greasiness. It also stops hair products from transferring to your pillowcase and your face.


21”- 28” / 54cm - 72cm


2 layers of 22 momme mulberry silk with imported elastane band- Good stretchability also means optimal comfort and good support for your hair

Timeless twist design  - classy looking