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Silk Pillowcase - Light Champagne

Incredibly Soft

Prevent face creases by eliminating frictions between your skin and pillowcase

Less Absorbent than cotton pillowcase

Doesn't "suck" your skincare products and eye cream

Incredibly Smooth

Wake up with easy to managed curls and effortless sleek hair

Stay cool throughout the night

It's just divine. No need to turn the pillow again.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Prevent skin allergies, nose allergies, skin inflammation and sensitivity

100% Pure Mulberry Silk

No synthetic fiber, no low quality silk, no cotton

Certified by Multiple Authorities

6A Grade Mulberry Silk. Organic. Suitable for Babies & toddlers.

Use only Natural Fabric Dye

Chemical free. One less thing to worry about when you drift off to sleep

Not easily snagged. Highly durable.

No more heart acne when accidentally scratched the pillowcase with your fingernails

Luxurious Looking with our BASK™ unique sheen

Add posh look and luxurious feel to your bedroom

Light Champagne


what causes sleep creases?

By sleeping on a BASK™ silk pillowcase, you can eliminate frictions between your delicate facial skin and the rough cotton pillowcase.

BASK™ silk pillowcase is designed to be incredibly smooth, soft, cozy & cooling!

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also prevent skin inflammations/irritations/allergies and you will witness lesser acne once and for all, thanks to the frictionless silky smooth and hypoallergenic nature of BASK™ silk fabric.

You will wake up with glowing dewy skin after applying a thick layer of moisturizing night mask or overnight serum on your face. 10X skincare effectiveness.

Besides, you will spend lesser time grooming your hair in the morning, achieving easy-to-managed curls and effortless sleek hair without annoying hair knots. Say bye-bye to frizzy hair in the morning.

And we do not stop there.

Our silk pillowcase will not be easily snagged by fingernails, unlike other flimsy silk pillowcases in the market. Highly durable, thanks to our original charmeuse weave. No more heart acne when you accidentally scratched your BASK™ silk pillowcase.

Worrying about silk pillowcase constantly slipping off and riding up your pillow? No worry, our silk pillowcase comes with a deep pocket to keep them exactly where they belong—actually on your pillow, not tangled up in the sheets.

Designed to have the classy look with our BASK™ signature unique sheen, our silk pillowcase is a sophisticated way to add a posh and luxurious lookto your bedding set and dress your pillow in smooth, sensuous silk.


Is BASK™ silk pillowcase made of genuine silk?

Certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, our silk fabric has been certified as 100% silk and is also classified for the highest Product Class 1.

It means that our product is chemical-free and also perfect for intensive skin contact for babies & toddlers.

We have also achieved a 6A grade in our raw silk testing and our silk is sourced organically.



18.9” x 29.1” / 48cm x 74cm - suitable for standard size pillow


classic envelope closure design - easier to fit in the pillow and has longer durability, as compared to a zipper design.

long envelope (15cm) - no ugly sight of the naked pillow in your bedroom

22 momme pure silk, available in unique luxurious hues -complement your bedroom like no others


This silk pillowcase is most suitable for

✔️ Anyone who likes to sleep on their sides or stomach. (to reduce frictions for their skin)

✔️ Anyone who likes to sleep on their back.  (to reduce frictions for their hair)

✔️ Anyone who wants to see more visible results from their night skincare routine.

✔️ People who suffer from acne and eczema.

✔️ As a self-care present. It will be the best thing you ever bought for yourself

✔️ A must-have for literally everyone, for sleeping better than ever!

✔️ A travel staple, to use on top of the hotel pillowcase. It's guaranteed to become your favorite travel companion the next time you travel.

Not all silk pillowcases are created equal

We use only Certified Finest 6A Grade22 Momme Long Strand Mulberry Silk

perfected with The Most Original Charmeuse Weaveand Unique Luxurious Hues.

0% Chemical, 0% Synthetic Fibers

100% Mulberry Silk, 100% Certified OEKO-TEX® Product Class 1

We work directly with The World Leading Silk Manufacturing Enterprise and bypass all the middle agents.

Direct from Mulberry Farm to you. More Savings, More Quality Control.


How to wash silk pillowcase, using white vinegar and delicate wash

BASK™ silk pillowcase is machine washable but we strongly encourage you to hand wash it, so it can last for many more years to come.

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