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Silk Hair Wrap | Silk Hair Wrap for Sleeping | Silk Head Wrap - BASK™

Silk Bonnet | Silk Hair Wrap (Double-Lined) - Champagne

Feel luxurious and pampered with BASK™ Silk Hair Wrap that is double lined (inside and outer layer) with the hair-friendly finest mulberry silk. Featuring a timeless twist design, this silk hair wrap is made with silk-covered elastic to suit almost all head sizes. 

Perfect for protecting your hair from friction, especially if you don't own a silk pillowcase.


21”- 28” / 54cm - 72cm



Pure silk used inside and out - We use only 22 momme pure mulberry silk and imported elastane band. Good stretchability also means optimal comfort and good support for your hair

Timeless twist design  - maintain a classy look while protecting your hair from friction.

This silk hair wrap is most suitable for

✔️  Those with curly hair 🙌

✔️ Girls who are committed to taking care of their hair.